Why won’t my Toilet Flush?

How do you fix a toilet overflow that won't flush?

  • Raise the water level to within 1 inch of the top of the overflow pipe using the water level adjustment screw on the fill valve or by adjusting the height of the fill valve. Flapper closes too soon (and water level is at the appropriate height). If the flapper closes too quickly during the flush, not enough water is released to complete the flush.

How does a toilet flush work?

  • During flushing, you pull the toilet handle down, the lift chain lifts the flapper off then water rushes out of the flush valve to the toilet bowl. After flushing, the flapper falls back and makes a watertight seal allowing the tank to fill with water for the next flushing cycle.

How many flushes does it take to empty a toilet bowl?

  • If your toilet becomes unable to fully flush, you will probably have to use at least 3 or 4 partial flushes to empty the toilet bowl. This can make your water bills grow since you will waste much more water than what you would normally need.

image-Why won’t my Toilet Flush?
image-Why won’t my Toilet Flush?
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