Why build an elevated deck with stairs?

How do I choose the right stair design?

  • Of course, choosing your stair design is dependent on your available space and your budget. However, one of the key elements you need to consider before selecting your staircase design is the regulatory code for your area.

How do you measure stairs for decking?

  • Then multiply by 10-1/4-in., the ideal tread width for two 2x6s, to get the total run. Measure out that distance from the deck to find the exact landing point. From this point, you can measure the exact stair height and determine the stringer and skirt length. Measure the exact total rise.

How to build a deck project step by step?

  • Project step-by-step (14) 1 Measure the Total Rise to the Deck Landing. 2 Find the Number of Risers. 3 Find the Number of Treads. 4 Find the Exact Riser Height. 5 Lay out the Stairs. More items

image-Why build an elevated deck with stairs?
image-Why build an elevated deck with stairs?
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