Where do you buy your fabric?

How do I search for a specific fabric?

  • Get specific. Describe the fabric in more detail. eg. are the flowers on the fabric small or big, are there other colours on the fabric you can add to your search. If you need ideas of different words to use in your search try:

What are the new features on find a fabric?

  • We have introduced some great new features on Find a Fabric that will make shopping on Find a Fabric easier. Firstly Free Shipping on all orders within Australia, so no need to check for extra delivery costs when placing your order. Secondly our pricing is tiered, so the more you buy the cheaper the per metre price.

How do I use fabfabshopfabsearch?

  • FabShopFabSearch, sponsored by The Fabric Shop Network, makes it easy to find information about products available online and in member's retail shops. There are three easy ways to search for the products and information you need. 1. Search for fabrics, tools, patterns & books (with graphics)

image-Where do you buy your fabric?
image-Where do you buy your fabric?
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