Where can I buy a real Christmas tree in Sydney?

What kind of Christmas trees are available at Christmas World?

  • From freshly cut, real green pines to artificial snow-covered white Christmas trees, Christmas trees with LED lights in all sorts of colours and even modern, minimalistic trees, we have it all at Christmas World.

Do you want a simple or extravagant Christmas tree?

  • Whether you just want a simple Christmas tree, or prefer an extravagant piece of work adorned with an abundance of Christmas tree decorations, there’s something for everyone. You could spend a whole heap of time and energy (which are crucial during Xmas) travelling to different stores in an attempt to find a good deal.

Why choose a skinny Christmas tree?

  • Slim Christmas trees add a sophisticated and festive touch to your home décor while making the most of limited spaces. Balsam Hill's collection of space-saving skinny artificial Christmas trees have the same beauty and elegance of full-shaped trees so you can create stunning centrepieces in homes with smaller rooms.

What is Christmas trees2you?

  • Christmas Trees2You launched in 2020 as a way to make Christmas as special as possible for Melburnians, while also making it easy and safe. All the hard work is done for you: simply select the delivery date and tree size you want and the team will drop the tree right at your door using contactless delivery.

What is the average size of an Australian Christmas tree?

  • Our real and artificial Australian Christmas trees come as small as 60 cm and as tall as 2.4 m, with a wide base or a tall narrow shape, so no matter the available space you have in your home, you are bound to find a Christmas tree that will fit just right.

How do I purchase a live Christmas tree?

  • Purchasing one of Live Christmas trees is as simple as walking in to one of our Christmas World stores, choosing the tree you like best and taking home to decorate.

How much does a live Christmas tree cost at Vinter?

  • The home furnishings giant will be selling live Christmas trees as part of its limited VINTER collection. The trees come in two sizes, 1.6m and 2m tall, and cost S$59 and S$79 respectively. Live Christmas trees will be available in in-store from end-November onwards.

When are the Woodford RFS Christmas tree sales 2020?

  • When: From 7am Saturday 5 December 2020. The trees harvested for Woodford RFS Christmas tree sales are ‘rogue’ trees that will be mulched as part of a new tree planting area. This way, they get a little extra use before they are culled!

How do I choose the best real Christmas tree?

  • When looking for a real Christmas tree, seek out potted plants with compact foliage to ensure the tree has a good shape for attaching ribbons, balls, lights and other decorative pieces. One plant that stands out is the Wollemi pine, the native Australian conifer released to the world in March 2006.


Where can I buy a fresh Christmas tree this year?

  • They will also be at CarriageWorks Farmers Markets (formerly known as Eveleigh Markets) on 5th, 12th & 19th December You can also order your fresh Christmas tree online and delivery and installation is available Santa is known to visit on weekends and his reindeer are often roaming around.


What is the best real Christmas tree?What is the best real Christmas tree?

The Fraser fir is perhaps the most popular variety of Christmas tree because it is hardy enough to survive being cut and shipped across long distances. The Fraser is a native southern fir and grows at elevations above 5,000 feet.


Are real Christmas trees a fire hazard?Are real Christmas trees a fire hazard?

If you decorated your real tree right after Thanksgiving, it should be discarded the week after Christmas, not New Year’s Day. This is because by the end of the holiday season, Christmas trees are extremely dry, and present a heightened fire hazard.


Where is the best place to buy live Christmas trees?Where is the best place to buy live Christmas trees?

  1. Lowe’s.
  2. Home Depot.
  3. Walmart.
  4. Ace Hardware.
  5. Whole Foods.
  6. Costco.
  7. Amazon.
  8. Target.


How many real Christmas trees are sold in the US every year?How many real Christmas trees are sold in the US every year?

Approximately 25 to 30 million real Christmas trees are sold in North America each year, according to the U.S. EPA.

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