What makes a good farm-to-table centerpiece?

How do you decorate a modern farm wedding?

  • Consider agate place cards or using geodes in subtle ways throughout your decor to keep the look from becoming too modern. Use fresh fruits and vegetables to inspire your farm wedding menu.

How big are Wood Slices for wedding centerpieces?

  • Wood slices for wedding centerpieces rustic wedding decor tree slices wood rounds tree slices bark level 5 pack of fully dry wood slices, woodland baby shower decor, woodland decor, wood decor, rustic wedding centerpiece, table centerpieces! Set of 10 - 8 inch rustic wood slices!

What are the best chairs for a farm wedding reception?

  • This particular design includes ferns, honeysuckle, anemones, eucalyptus, roses, and pitcher plants. Modernize a farm wedding reception with metal marais chairs. These particular chairs have wooden seats to tie in with a rustic theme.

image-What makes a good farm-to-table centerpiece?
image-What makes a good farm-to-table centerpiece?
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