What kind of house has a white exterior?

What are the pros and cons of a white exterior?

  • It’s pristine, crisp, clean, calming, classy, and versatile. Houses with a white exterior will never go out of style and don’t run the risk of fading over years of sun exposure. White works beautifully with any other colors, making them pop out even more.

Why paint the exterior of a house white?

  • Painting the exterior white really sets it apart from the landscape. It feels simple and serene in it’s setting. When selecting a white paint for the exterior of a home, making your trim a rich dark color is key. It defines the windows and doorways and accents the details.

Is simply white a good color for an exterior?

  • Because Simply White only has a slight yellow undertone, it’s quite a bright white comparatively speaking to a lot of the off whites that are popular on farmhouse exteriors today. If you’re searching for that bright white for your home’s exterior, try Simply White.

image-What kind of house has a white exterior?
image-What kind of house has a white exterior?
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