What is the best ground cover for a garden?

What is a ground cover plant?

  • So what is a ground cover plant, exactly? Basically, they’re plants that grow low and spread out along the ground. They can be perennial, annual, evergreen, sun-loving, shade-loving and anything in between. They can vary between a few inches tall and up to a foot or more. Some have vibrant blossoms, while others offer dazzling greenery.

What are the different types of ground cover plants for shade?

  • There are many varieties of ground cover plants for any type of garden. Flowering ground cover plants can transform pathways, accent garden features, or grow where there is little sun. Generally, ground cover plants for shade are hardy types of creeping or spreading plants that are green all year long.

What are some landscape ideas for ground cover perennials?

  • Some landscaping ideas to use this plant for good ground cover is to prevent erosion on slopes, use as a colorful edging border, or have foliage under trees or shrubs. This mat-forming ground cover perennial grows best in hardiness zones 5 to 10. The leaves may lose their color during the winter, but they will start growing again in the spring.

What are the names of ground cover plants?What are the names of ground cover plants?

Though they spread slowly, they are usually tall enough to discourage weeds and you could combine them with another type of ground cover to fill in the gaps. Plants in this category include daylilies, hostas, hellebores, oregano and catmint. Some will spread well by self-seeding, including the perennial geraniums and lady's mantle.

What is the best ground cover for garden?What is the best ground cover for garden?

Wood mulch and bark nuggets are the preferred ground covers in most ornamental beds. A 2-inch-deep layer keeps down weeds and helps insulate the soil while complementing the ornamental appearance of otherwise dormant flower gardens. Wood mulch breaks down slowly.

Is ground cover evergreen?Is ground cover evergreen?

Evergreen ground covers come in varieties that grow well in sunny, shady or partial sunny/shady areas. Select the appropriate type of evergreen ground cover for the area needed in both size and amount of sun required for best growing results.

What is a perennial ground cover?What is a perennial ground cover?

A bed can be created around groups of shade or ornamental trees. When doing this, a ground cover perennial (or evergreen) can be added and thus replace what would have been lawn and provide more of a low maintenance area. When used in planting beds, ground cover can create repetition in the garden.

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