What is OxiClean free?

Is OxiClean unscented?

Yes, OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover contains soda ash which helps neutralize odors and oxygen, which oxidizes odors. It also contains a light fragrance.

When should you not use OxiClean?

OxiClean's manufacturer suggests that it should not be used on the following fabrics: wool, wool blends, silk, silk blends, leather, or on fabrics labeled dry clean only.Oct 14, 2020

Is OxiClean hypoallergenic?

Many people really love that Oxiclean does not contain chlorine bleach, and therefore is safe to use for both whites and colors. There are several types of the product available, including original, a free version, which is free of dyes and perfumes and therefore hypoallergenic, and one for babies.

What is equivalent to OxiClean?

Hydrogen peroxide and washing soda

If you want to be precise and make something the most chemically similar to OxiClean, you would mix hydrogen peroxide with washing soda. You can throw it in the laundry to remove organic stains or brighten a load, the same way you would OxiClean.
Feb 13, 2021

Which is better borax or OxiClean?

Not only is OxiClean the safer option, but it comes in several forms, including powder, liquid spray, and laundry detergent; borax is only sold as a powder. Learn more about the many ways you can use OxiClean on Amazon or 3, 2021

Can you use OxiClean on Lululemon?

For the tough stains, or just to make sure something comes out the first time I wash it, I use OxyClean. Of course, if none of these suggestions work, there's always the dry cleaners.

Can you use OxiClean on sensitive skin?

Delivers the stain fighting performance you need with supercharged OxiClean Stain Fighters for superior stain lifting and whitening* while being gentle for sensitive skin. It's also dermatologist tested and FREE of fragrances and dyes.

Is OxiClean detergent good for sensitive skin?

Treat your clothes to a great clean with this Arm & Hammer detergent with the power of Oxi Clean stain fighters. The dermatologist tested formula is free of perfumes and dyes, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Can you mix OxiClean and vinegar?

A mixture of vinegar and OxiClean is a common stain remover. OxiClean, available in regular and unscented varieties, is an oxygen-based stain remover suitable for many household uses. ... Mixing OxiClean and vinegar provides you with a dual purpose cleaner useful in a variety of situations.

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How long can you soak something in oxyclean?

Submerge stained items in solution after dissolved. Soak 1-6 hours depending on severity of stain, some stains may require more time to soak. For best results, soak for 6 hours.


Can you put OxiClean in toilet tank?

Kaboom Continuous Clean is a toilet cleaning system that easily attaches out of sight within your toilet tank. It injects OxiClean Stain Fighters into the toilet bowl with every flush, keeping it clean, even under the rim! Cleans with Every Flush!


Is OxiClean harsh on skin?

Simply put, it is used in OxiClean to help cleaners penetrate fabrics better. It's been linked to gastrointestinal irritation, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, respiratory irritation, can cause redness, irritation and scaling of the skin, as well as corneal inflammation.


Does OxiClean really work?

  • OxiClean is an oxygen based kind of stain remover that uses no chlorine. It is secure and reliable. This product takes out any kind of stain in your laundry. It can remove stains from your carpet. The oxygen interacts with water and you will see bubbles coming out. When this is happening, you know that it is working.


What is OxiClean good for?

  • OxiClean is a dynamic cleaner that can be used to remove stains from various household items. OxiClean comes in a concentrate or liquid form and not only acts as an independent stain remover, but also boosts the effectiveness of your regular laundry detergent when placed in a wash cycle.


Is OxiClean toxic?

  • OxiClean is readily degradable in the environment. When it is through with a job, it breaks down into water, oxygen, and soda ash. OxiClean mixes with ordinary water and uses the tremendous cleaning power of oxygen to remove stains. There are no toxic fumes. OxiClean will do no harm to our lakes and streams.

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