What is mortar?

Why choose Australian builders mortar mix?

  • The Australian Builders Mortar Mix is ideally suited for many home maintenance and renovation requirements. It is ideal for building brick walls and barbecues, cementing blocks, rendering over brick or concrete and masonry surfaces.

What is masonry mortar made of?

  • Mortar is a building material composed of cement, fine sands and water, with lime often added to improve the durability of the product. When water is added to the mortar mix it hardens and cures, acting as the glue to hold together the bricks used in building structures.

What is a mortar joint used for?

  • What is a mortar joint? Mortar joints are the spaces between bricks that are filled with mortar. They serve several purposes in brickwork, their primary function being to bond bricks together allowing the brickwork to act as a structural element to carry both vertical and lateral loads.

image-What is mortar?
image-What is mortar?
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