What is a refrigerator wrap?

What size stainless steel wrap for a mini fridge door?

  • Needing a stainless steel wrap for the door only on a mini fridge. What product size and number do I neec You would probably only need a 24" x 60" or 36" x 60" wrap. Keep in mind the grain goes the length of the film. So the size needed may also depend on grain direction, if that is important to you.

What is a metallic wrap on a kitchen cabinet?

  • What really sets them apart, however, is the metallic sheen they bring to your kitchen. These metallic wraps will often mimic a specific metal or material, such as chrome or stainless steel or they may simply be a reflective and glossy surface. If it's a solid color that has that distinctive shine to it, it's a metallic wrap.

What size does a 3m brushed metal refrigerator wrap come in?

  • If so, you can get the latest look of Brushed Black Steel or Brushed Titanium with a 3M™ Brushed Metal Refrigerator Wrap. Sold in convenient widths of 60" in rolls of up to 120" in length.

image-What is a refrigerator wrap?
image-What is a refrigerator wrap?
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