What is a dwarf Japanese maple?

What is the best Japanese maple tree to grow?

  • A truly versatile plant for any garden is the Dwarf Japanese Maple. They grow well in the garden itself and are also well suited to growing in containers. They come in a number of varieties and foliage colours. The final size will depend of how they are grafted or the variety.

What does a Japanese maple look like in the fall?

  • The Japanese maple Akita yatsubusa is a strong and hardy dwarf that has wonderful dark green leaves. When the leave emerge in the Spring they have a lovely pinkish red color. Akita yatsubusa forms a dense round dwarf to about 4 feet tall. Fall color is brilliant orange-red.

Do palmate Japanese maples lose their leaves in winter?

  • Palmate Japanese maple trees ( Acer palmatum) are broad, deciduous leaves with five to nine lobes. The leaves on dwarf Japanese maples have fine serration along the blade margins. Dwarf Japanese maples are deciduous trees. This fact means that they lose their leaves in the wintertime.

image-What is a dwarf Japanese maple?
image-What is a dwarf Japanese maple?
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