What colours go well with Light Blues?

What are the different shades of light blue?

  • Other pale shades of blue that might be described as “light blue” include baby blue, pastel blue, sky blue and powder blue. The color name “light blue” was first used in 1915, however, the color blue has been used since antiquity.

Does light blue go with navy blue?

  • Light blue can also be a great alternative to darker shades of blue like navy blue, which could look too severe or gloomy in big doses. The hue is popular in fashion and can look relaxing and inviting in interior design. What colors go with light blue? Light blue can be matched with a range of colors.

What colors go well with blue walls?

  • While we adore blue and white together, blue also works well with vivid, often difficult-to-work-with colors and a variety of materials, including metal and wood. If you’re stumped as to which colors complement blue, the answer is straightforward: practically all of them.

image-What colours go well with Light Blues?
image-What colours go well with Light Blues?
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