What can you do with tree stumps?

How to decorate your backyard with old stumps?

  • By using slices of an old tree stump, you can insert solar lights or votives for a beautifully lit path through the garden. Take a load off in these truly inspiring log table and chairs. Old stumps turned into a work of art, these crafted chairs and table would be sure to elevate any backyard. Another great idea for the stump placed near your road.

Can you make a treehouse out of a stump?

  • If the stump in your backyard is much bigger than expected (a sequoia or similar tree), there’s a chance you can make it a lot more than a simple decoration. These gigantic trees are big enough to provide sufficient space inside to become huts, cabins, sheds, or even more functional areas like bathrooms, treehouses or reading rooms.

What do you need to make a tree stump plant stand?

  • Rolling Plant Stand All you need is a tree stump, chain Saw, sanding Pad, wood topcoat, castor wheels, and a drill for this DIY and move your plants around with style. 18. Tree Stump Bulb Stand

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