What can I do with mint leaves?

How do you make chocolate mint tea at home?

  • Fill your mug a little less than half way full with fresh chocolate mint leaves. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let your tea steep for a few minutes. Spoon out the leaves and enjoy an aromatic chocolate mint tea straight from your garden. Add a splash of chocolate soy or almond milk for a little more indulgence.

Are chocolate mint leaves good for You?

  • Incredibly fresh-tasting and oh so pretty, chocolate mint leaves make a wonderfully sophisticated, grownup dessert. They're just as deliciously addictive as commercial mint candy, but they're so much better for you. Dipping things in chocolate is always fun.

How do you take care of a chocolate mint plant?

  • If you want your chocolate mint plant to last a bit longer with the leaves, carefully remove the flowers. Once the plant starts to bloom, the leaves start to lose their mint flavor. That mint flavor tends to peak just right before the bloom. Start by cutting a few sprigs of the chocolate mint plant leaves and wash them.

image-What can I do with mint leaves?
image-What can I do with mint leaves?
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