What are the different styles of valances?

What is the best linen Valance for a bedroom?

  • Linen valances are very on trend, and are popular paired with other linen manchester. The MM Linen Laundered Linen Valance Range is an excellent choice if you love the look of linen valances. This product is a flowing valance that has a depth of 33cms. Depending on the depth of your base, this should be enough to cover it or even to hit the floor.

What are the different styles of valances?

  • Our valances come in three main styles: bed wraps, linen valances, and quilted valances. The bed wrap style valance is a fitted product that is for use on an ensemble bed and base. It has an elasticised top and bottom and is pulled tightly around your mattress base like a steering wheel cover.

Why buy bed valances Australia?

  • Buy Bed Valances Australia | Fitted Bed Skirts | Free Shipping! Aside from being beautiful and coordinating perfectly with your bed set, a valance can be quite functional and stylish. Because it hides the bed frame and shrouds under the bed, you will no longer have to worry about having a plain bed frame or using the space for much-needed storage.

What is the best fabric for a window valance?

  • If in doubt, just go with a cotton. Woven polyester and cotton blend stripe used for a London valance. You’ll often come across cottons blended with linen or rayon. Most frequently, the cotton is about 55% of the fabric, with the other 45% being the linen or rayon. These fabrics are great if you’re looking for a bit of texture on your windows.

Why choose Adairs valances?

  • They provide a great way to hide all that under-bed storage and keep your bedroom looking smart and stylish at the same time. Adairs valances and bed wraps cut a chic silhouette of your bed, finely tailored to last. Our elegant fitted shapes are ideal for covering your mattress base in a variety of sophisticated styles.

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