What are the best tips for planting tomatoes?

How do you grow tomato plants from seed?

  • Sow seeds, lightly cover with Yates Seed Raising Mix and water well. If growing from seedlings, they can be planted a little deeper, so that the bottom few centimetres of the tomato stems are covered with soil. Water in well. Tall growing tomatoes will require stakes for support, so it’s best to put these in now to avoid damaging plant roots later.

How to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse?

  • Unless you are growing them in a greenhouse, your best option is to use some type of artificial plant lighting for 14 to 18 hours every day. To ensure the tomato plants grow stocky, not spindly, keep the young plants only a couple of inches from fluorescent grow lights.

How deep do you plant Tomatoes in the ground?

  • The deeper you plant your tomatoes, the better! Tomatoes need a deep planting hole to develop strong, healthy roots. When planting, place transplants down so that 1/3 to 1/2 of the plant is in the ground. This allows roots to develop from the root ball, and from the portion of stem that is buried.

image-What are the best tips for planting tomatoes?
image-What are the best tips for planting tomatoes?
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