What are the best paint colors for a small kitchen?

What color should I Paint my Kitchen without drowning it?

  • Pair a light green such as Hollingsworth Green with gold or white accents to keep the space light and airy. A fun way to add color to a small kitchen without drowning the space, Berwick says, is by creating a two-toned space. A deep gray such as Templeton Gray pairs wonderfully with a crisp, light white.

What are the best paint colors for a small kitchen?

  • If you have a small kitchen, white and neutral paint colors can be a lifesaver. White paint reflects light, makes walls recede, and increases the sense of space. When you use it on your walls, countertops, cabinetry, and ceiling, you create a cohesive space with few boundaries or edges to limit the eye.

Should kitchen cabinets and walls be the same color?

  • If your kitchen is really small, consider painting your walls the same color as your cabinets. When you visually blend multiple surfaces with the same color, you remove any focal points so your eye isn’t drawn to any specific area. This is a great way to make small spaces look and feel larger.

What do blue cabinets look like in a kitchen?

  • A rich blue cabinet, designed to look like a freestanding hutch, adds a touch of color to an otherwise cream-and-brown kitchen color scheme. Blue cabinetry is inherently calming yet stands out from neutral surroundings. A slightly distressed finish gives the blue cabinet color a charming, antique appearance.

What color goes well with white kitchen cabinets?

  • These kitchen cabinets have a warmer color temperature that pairs well with the floor tile 's taupe and off-white tones. White kitchen cabinet paint colors offer a crisp, classic appearance. When paired with traditional elements such as subway tile and aged brass accents, white kitchens have enduring style.

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