What are lay-in and tegular ceiling panels?

How do you figure the layout of a ceiling grid system?

  • If you are installing a 2×2 ceiling grid system it is a little easier to figure the layout. Start with the length of the room and take the total dimension and deduct as many 2’ ceiling tiles as you can without going over the total amount of the room. Here’s an example.

What type of ceiling panels are used in exposed grid systems?

  • Lay-in and tegular ceiling panels are easy to install in exposed grid systems and come in a variety of materials and sizes. Tegular ceiling panels have a reveal edge design that allows them to extend below the supporting grid, making the grid less conspicuous.

How do you design a ceiling lighting system?

  • It’s best to draw the room out on a piece of paper and write all the dimensions of all wall lengths on it. Next, decide where and what type of units, like light fixtures, will be going in the ceiling. If they are can-lights then you want to make sure that you center them or place them over the area you are trying to illuminate.

image-What are lay-in and tegular ceiling panels?
image-What are lay-in and tegular ceiling panels?
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