How wide is craftsman trim?

What is trending in baseboards?

Solid wood finger jointed wood, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) baseboards are among the most popular material choices. Choosing the material often comes down to budget or color preference, so it's easier to determine which material is right for your house.Jan 11, 2021

What is Craftsman style trim?

Craftsman-style homes are inspired by hand-crafted features. Unlike Victorian homes, Craftsman homes feature horizontal lines and take an artisanal approach to decoration. ... Craftsman style homes typically feature thick trim around the windows and doors.May 5, 2021

What is the most popular baseboard trim?

What is the most popular baseboard trim? Three inch rounded or stepped baseboard is the most common type of baseboard. This type gives a little bit of design to the baseboard as well as detail without going overboard and making it overwhelming.

How tall should Craftsman baseboards be?

A general rule of thumb for your baseboards is the 7 percent rule — they should equal 7 percent of the overall height of your room. So, if you have 8-foot ceilings, your baseboards will look best at around 7 inches high.Feb 13, 2018

What makes a home Craftsman style?

The common features of the Craftsman style include low-pitched gable (triangular) roofs, overhanging eaves with exposed rafters and beams, heavy, tapered columns, patterned window panes and a covered front porch. Craftsman house exteriors emphasize harmony with surrounding nature.Jul 8, 2020

What is Craftsman crown molding?

Crown molding can be said as a type of trim that covers the meeting edge between the walls and the ceiling. ... Right now, more and more craftsman interior also use crown molding in the interior.

How much should a craftsman trim overhang?

How much should craftsman molding hang over on either side? 1/2″ unless you're building in a dormer or some other weird space like that. Then just butt it up as far as it will go on the wall.May 6, 2020

How thick should my baseboard be?

Most baseboards are 1/2 to 1 inch thick and 3 to 8 inches tall. Gauge baseboard size by its relationship to crown and casing. Baseboard is typically taller than casing is wide, and about as tall as the crown. The taller the crown, the taller the baseboard should be to maintain visual balance.

How thick should Craftsman baseboard be?

Most carpenters use baseboard molding of 3- to 5-inches for 8-foot ceilings and molding of 5- to 12-inches for taller ceilings. Using 1/2-inch, or close to 1/2-inch, thick baseboard molding is the most common thickness to use for most applications. This gives the molding a sleeker, less obtrusive look.Oct 23, 2020

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Can baseboards be too tall?

If the baseboard is too tall for the room, it will not provide the balance needed to make the room visually appealing. Instead, it will appear to close the walls of the room up, as the distance from the baseboard to the ceiling is too minimal.


Should window and door trim be the same size?

Generally, vertical trim elements such as door and window casings should be smaller and have less heft than baseboards. So I've found that a good rule of thumb for sizing window and door casings (or door trim sizes) is to keep them at about 50 percent of the height of the baseboard.


What is a Baseboard trim?

  • Wood baseboards are the most common style of trim material that is used. It is the easiest to work with and is a standard for many builders. The advantage of using wood as a baseboard trim material is that wood can be cut and placed in almost any part of a room that needs a baseboard finish.


What is Craftsman style trim?

  • Craftsman Style Trim. Inside the sunroom, simple craftsman style trim was installed around all the doors, windows, floors and along the seams in the ceiling. The trim is all whitewashed like the pine shiplap walls. This allows the natural wood grain and knots to show a little and gives the room a rustic appearance.


What is baseboard molding?

  • Baseboard molding is the wood trim that runs along the bottom of interior walls. This trim decoratively fills in the area where the wall and floor meet. Baseboard moldings are available in a wide variety of woods and styles. Pine, fir, and oak are common woods used for baseboard molding,...


What is wood baseboard?

  • Hardwood Baseboards . Wood baseboards are also referred to as base or skirting. The main purpose of wood baseboards is to cover the joint between the wall surface and the floor, as well as for decoration.

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