How to install kitchen cabinets?

How long does it take to install kitchen cabinets?

  • The entire how to install kitchen cabinets project typically takes less than a day. And depending on how large and elaborate your kitchen is, you’ll save at least $500 (and probably much more) in installation charges. You only need a few basic tools to do a first-class job.

How do you hang upper cabinets on the wall?

  • Draw a level line 19-1/2 in. above the lower cabinets and mark the upper cabinet positions. Screw a 1×2 ledger to the wall even with the level line. The only tricky part about installing hanging upper cabinets is supporting them in exactly the right position while you screw them to the wall and one another.

How do you draw kitchen cabinets on the wall?

  • Draw vertical lines to mark each cabinet location, label each cabinet’s position on the wall and find and mark the studs. Most kitchen floors are very flat, especially in homes less than 40 years old.

image-How to install kitchen cabinets?
image-How to install kitchen cabinets?
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