How to create a Tuscany style kitchen?

How many Kids can you fit in a Tuscan Kitchen?

  • The design is as big to accommodate a family of seven kids. A rustic ambience displaying the touches of a Tuscan kitchen, this design is built for the country lovers. This design will also be an apt one for those who own a farmhouse. Built in the island-style counter, this design uses contrasting colors to display.

What are the features of a Tuscan Kitchen?

  • In order to achieve this kitchen style, one must take note of the following important features typical on Tuscan kitchens. Colors – Tuscan kitchens typically use warm colors reminiscent of the colors found naturally in Tuscany, such as orange, ochre or terracotta.

How to decorate your Tuscan style kitchen with stone tiles?

  • Use the accent table for decor purposes or use it as a small sideboard for serving cheese, fruits, breads, or as a coffee service table. It’s perfect for any Tuscan themed kitchen that welcomes a flow of guests. A stunning way of including some Tuscany style decor in your kitchen is using a beautiful stone tile top table in your dining area.

image-How to create a Tuscany style kitchen?
image-How to create a Tuscany style kitchen?
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