How much does a dumpster rental cost?

What are dumpster rental services?

  • Construction Services. A dumpster rental service can save more time on the job. With our help, you can keep on working while we haul away the debris from your construction or contracting project. Our service provides an effective disposal solution for roofing, demolition, landscaping projects and more.

What is dumpster cost?

  • Prices start around $25 for a one-day rental of a smaller dumpster, and go up to $300 for a large dumpster. Prices per week can range between $120-$620 depending on the size of the dumpster. For one month, expect to pay $480 for smaller dumpsters, and as much as $2000 for large dumpsters.

What is a commercial dumpster?

  • A commercial dumpster with these dimensions is generally suited for small volume businesses, such as offices with less than 20 employees and restaurants serving roughly 100 customers a day. Front load dumpsters in this size are easily placed on properties of any size.

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image-How much does a dumpster rental cost?
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