How do you iron on designs on clothing?

What is an HP A4 iron on T shirt transfers?

  • These HP A4 Iron On T Shirt Transfers can be printed on using your inkjet printer so you can create your own unique clothing designs. Once you've printed your design onto the specialty paper you simply need to iron it on to transfer it onto your shirt. They're perfect for use creating custom shirts for events, parties, school projects and more.

Why should you buy iron-on shirt decals?

  • Many individuals that own clothing lines or have merchandise relating to their business purchase iron-ons to adhere onto t-shirts, hats, pants, and more. Purchasing blank tees and printing some iron-on shirt decals is a great way to bring your clothing line vision to life.

How do you iron on iron on labels?

  • Peel the back off the iron on clothing label and place it on a garment with the text facing up. Heat an iron to medium to high heat. Cover the label with the parchment paper supplied. Place the hot iron over the supplied parchment paper and press it firmly. Keep it there for 10-20 seconds.

image-How do you iron on designs on clothing?
image-How do you iron on designs on clothing?
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