How do you decorate a farmhouse style home?

What are farmhouse paint colors?

  • Farmhouse paint colors are usually soft and neutral with that lived in feeling. They set off a cozy vibe. They really are the perfect paint color for any space in your home. Most of these paint colors can be used on your walls but would look pretty on a painted piece of furniture.

What are the characteristics of farmhouse style?

  • Grounded in whites and neutrals, farmhouse decor typically favors no-fuss palettes with muted hues. But that doesn't mean the style is void of color. In fact, a fresh, modern interpretation of farmhouse style leaves plenty of possibilities for thoughtful, well-edited color.

What color cabinets are best for a farmhouse kitchen?

  • In this farmhouse kitchen, cool gray-blue cabinets are grounded by white walls and countertops, and they pair well with stainless-steel appliances. Although cool tones have dominated farmhouse spaces recently, there's a shift toward earthier palettes —think warmer mushroom hues.

image-How do you decorate a farmhouse style home?
image-How do you decorate a farmhouse style home?
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