Are storage beds any good?

How do I choose a storage bed?

  • Choose between single or double beds, in light or dark colours, with or without headboards, and in modern, sleek designs or classic, elegant styles. Most of our storage beds have drawers underneath on at least one side of the bed.

What is the best bed to buy in the UK?

  • Best overall – Happy Beds yorkie grey fabric ottoman bed: £564.99, Best for maximising space – Eve the storage bed frame: From £799, Best for glamour – Mirage storage bed: From £1280, Best stylish statement piece – Made cory double bed with storage drawers: £699,

Should you buy a bed with concealed storage?

  • Purchasing a bed with concealed storage is a game of weighing up form and function. While some offer commodious spaces underneath the mattress, they can be on the bulky side. Storage beds with feet elevate the frame to give the illusion of extra floor space but these designs often trade storage space for a slimmer silhouette.

image-Are storage beds any good?
image-Are storage beds any good?
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